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Wenifit Balm Ointment
Wenifit Balm Ointment
Beautiful, well cared-for legs are not a luxury. They will carry you throughout your life.


50 ml
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Product description

Wenifit is our stimulating Alps cosmetics providing natural active care for tired feet. It relaxes heavy legs during long trips by train, bus, car or airplane and, when combined with massage, supports your recovery after leg-intensive workouts during leisure-time physical activity and competitive sports. In addition, the balm supports the natural functions of skin and makes it velvety smooth, supple and youthful.

The stimulating horse chestnut extract and warming arnica extract indulge and invigorate the legs, reduce leg fatigue and tone up the body.

The skin-calming marigold extract smoothes the skin, improves its elasticity and eliminates irritations. The balm is also suitable for massages.

Les bienfaits du produit

  • Provides relaxation to heavy legs
  • Helps recovery after intensive sports
  • Makes the skin velvety smooth
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