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Original Marmot Ointment
Original Marmot Ointment
Brings welcome relief to strained muscles and joints.


250 ml
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Product description

In our latitudes, marmots have played an important role since time immemorial. Due to its unique physical-chemical properties, the fat of marmots is particularly valued both as a remedy and as popular cosmetics.

According to centuries-old lore, marmot fat represents a proven rub-in remedy, which is sure to bring welcome relief, especially to overworked muscles and joints.

Our original marmot ointment combines all these properties to make a remarkable product that is truly one of a kind on the market. If you apply the ointment twice a day, you will feel its positive effect in just a few days. After 21 days, you should interrupt the treatment for a week. 

Les bienfaits du produit

  • Improves blood circulation in the skin and brings welcome relief
  • Rich in vitamins D and E
  • Can be used to treat a wide range of complaints
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