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Eagle Ointment
Eagle Ointment
The versatile rub-in remedy for all types of muscle tensions.


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Product description

The eagle ointment is a body care product with high-quality herbal extracts and an ointment base. It has been known since ancient times as it used to be of huge help to alpine farmers whenever they needed a remedy for pain in the upper and lower arm as well as for muscular tensions. The ointment is applied in case of overstraining and represents a very soothing Alpine herbal product.

For overstrained muscles, apply twice daily (in the morning and in the evening) and massage in with circular motions towards the heart during the first few days. The positive effect will be felt in a couple of days.

By the way: The eagle ointment is NOT made from eagles, but rather from various herbs.

Les bienfaits du produit

  • Useful for muscle tensions of all kinds (shoulder, wrists, upper and lower arm, cervical vertebrae, lower back)
  • Smells good, not oily.
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